Automotive Marketing – Targeting SEO, PR, reActivation, Rep, Social, Mobile, Video

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Automotive SEO

While your automotive website enables you to “get in the game” so to speak, by showcasing your vehicle inventory, staff and company to all who visit your site ….

It is Automotive SEO that truly drives ‘Ups’.  Isn’t that why we are all online – to Drive More Ups and Sell More Cars!?

Automotive SEO is a cornerstone of the Tressera Web Media (TWM) digital offerings. Whether you are small town or big city, one dealership or dozens — automotive search engine optimization by TWM will set you apart from your competitors.

Have you ever wondered why your dealership uses the same digital marketing seo practices as all of your competitors? Think a big name company selling the same cookie-cutter, inexpensive automotive SEO packages to every automotive dealership in your city is the smart approach?

We didn’t think so!

For Automotive SEO Solutions – You’ll Need Consistent Updates & Current SEO Methods & We’ll Be On Top Of It! 

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Local Citations for your Auto Dealership – Get Found!

It’s critical to have your automotive dealership listed in dozens and dozens of locally focused directories and review sites. This will give your car dealership the needed authority to help boost your local maps listing. A large number of accurate citations will strongly influence your Automotive SEO. By accurate I mean you should always ensure your car dealership’s Name, Address, and Phone Number (NAP) are correctly listed on each local directory.

Citation Listings are a key element to ranking algorithms in Google and Bing. Businesses with more citations will likely rank higher than businesses with less citations.

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Video Content – Quick & Fast Visual Exposure!

While videos should be an important part of your automotive digital marketing strategy, they also serve as an excellent source of relevant local links and citations back to your car dealership. Consumers eat up videos according to statistics below. Make video a priority to showcase your inventory, your staff and customer testimonials.

Video Statistic: 90% of Buyers say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process. See more at:

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Auto News Press Releases – Branding Exposure!

We see many automotive dealerships writing press releases, but unfortunately most squander the chance to gain tangible automotive local seo boosts through these releases. Never miss out on the chance to generate quality “fresh” backlinks to your automotive website using your release.

Optimizing for local press releases increase search engine rankings and aggregate into bookmarking sites to garner more social shares.

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Feedback Review Sites – Control Reputation!

Automotive reputation management and marketing has become front of mind for many dealerships and is now considered a separate discipline from automotive SEO. These review sites are good for more than simply positive PR about your rooftop. We will market your customer feedback to market for you and that saves you loads of money.

Recent feedback from Google in 2013 was the year that Google penalized businesses in the search results who have poor customer reviews.  Are you left behind!?

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Social Media Content – Excellent Local Reach!

Since early 2012 Google (and likely Bing) have used social factors to help rank your retail automotive dealership for key automotive local search terms. Things like your Facebook fan page, Twitter account, and even Pinterest or Instagram now play a real role in determining where your automotive dealership will rank.

Studies show  ‘How Social Signals Impact Search Engine Rankings  in this Jan 2014 Quicksprout infographic.

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Blog Content – Branding & Consumer Engagement!

Your blog is critical to the automotive SEO process. Your blog’s content must be written and structured in a way that Google and Bing recognize the fresh content that markets your dealership. 

The more often you publish fresh content about your vehicle inventory, automotive financing, automotive pricing, and even dealership updates the better for seo. Google and Bing will start to visit your automotive website more frequently, and will likely discover more pages throughout your website. 

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Link Building – SEO Ranking Power!

Local search for your automotive dealership should not include spammy, automated backlinks like in 2013. These mass generated links provide virtually no value today, and are simply a remnant of the SEO community’s past. Unfortunately, many SEO companies don’t realize this yet! Quality Automotive SEO is about great content – whether on your website, guest posts on other sites, or across press releases and social media.

Manually building links from other automotive related sites, press releases, social media properties, videos and authority sites will make a difference in your automotive SEO success.

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reActivation – Highly Effective Responses!

Customer reActivation are the best targets to persistently market to with your dealership services. Automating this process helps lower your costs on expensive resources. Whether it’s buy-backs or inviting to your special event or offering a service discount, we will set a campaign over 3 multi-channels (voice drop, text and email) to message your existing customers that gets your customers prompt attention. SEE OUR CAR DROP CASE STUDY HERE!

There is 5-20% Probability of selling to a new prospect versus 60-70% Probability of selling to an existing customer. Stats at:

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Mobile Integration – Engage Mobile Users!

Giving your customer a mobile friendly experience is vital, not only for your customer but also Google can penalize you in their mobile search results. But mobile marketing goes beyond your mobile website.

Marketing to your mobile customers with SMS text, tapping NFC tags, geofencing with beacons are more mobile activities that attract your local customer to buy. 

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As a Digital Agency to the Automotive Industry, we build your brand using social media, social search, news press, mobile campaigns, video and reputation marketing

  • Create and manage campaigns to attract followers, friends, circles from your local market
  • Create and manage campaigns to amuse, enlighten, entertain; engage your social presence on multiple platforms
  • Create and manage mobile systems to encourage traffic and sales for your dealership
  • Design a campaign to reactivate your existing customers with voice drop, text and email
  • Monitor reviews, feedback, citations and design a system to encourage positive feedback then market your reviews

Whether you have one rooftop or a dozen, we can put systems in place to raise the level of awareness of your brand in multiple social and search arenas.  Social recognition and participation can make a measurable positive impact on your bottom line.

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