The 5 R’s of Marketing That Boost Business Growth 100 Percent

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There’s a secret formula for the 5 R’s of Marketing that ensures to boost business growth. Any one of these 5 R systems can ensure a 20% or more growth at your business. A company whose focus in all 5 R’s will see a 100 percent improvement  to their bottom-line growth ROI.

There use to be just 4 R’s to marketing prosperity but since online technology has developed vastly, it has made it so much easier to add the 5th R.  In our experience of working with clients over the years, 95% are missing three of the 5 critical proven marketing systems. All 5 are necessary to achieve maximum business growth.

These 5 systems aren’t short-lived but rather sustainable that compliments your ethical standards and supports your long-term vision for your business. Every successful business must optimize these 5 elements to impact the growth they are looking for.


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We start with Recognition. With consumers searching online before they buy, we know that people put a lot of trite into what they find and read online. So the first recognition is your online reputation. Recognition and Reputation takes a business farther than most anything else. Saves on advertising budgets and is so effective in today’s trust economy. Remember this, it’s not what you say about your company but rather what your customers have to say about you that drives more traffic.

The second element of 5-R formula is Reach.  It’s in our experience, a company that wants to grow, needs to make certain that more people know about them today than did yesterday. Connecting to new people, telling them about your products and services. Having a consistent, focused, on-going, coordinated, systematic and metric-driven reach effort. Drive more prospects today than yesterday into a pipeline is key to the R in reach to boost business growth.

Now we are ready for the third R in Resell. What are you doing to upsell, cross-sell and repeat sell to maximize the lifetime value of your customer base? The more value you can generate from each customer, the less you spend on marketing. This increases your profit margin and makes your business even more attractive to your customers.

Here we slipped in the new R in the fourth position – Retarget. Retargeting is simple to implement. Statistics show that it takes between 4 and 12 touches to get a new prospect to respond. Eight touches is an average. Retargeting allows you to have second and more chances to capture a new customer. Retarget to upsell your existing customers. If you’re not retargeting, your missing out on massive opportunities to boost your business growth. 

Which leads us to the 5th R in Referrals. Setting up systems to make it effortless for a customer to refer your business. Referrals are so powerful because they channel the power of social proof. Move from passive to active, specific to systematic. Having a referral generation system progresses your efforts into tangible results. 

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Don’t get left behind. The gap of those who “get it” and those “that don’t” is widening at an accelerated pace. If you feel you aren’t growing like you should. If your current approach to marketing isn’t working. Just sign up to receive my free report ‘The 5 Marketing Systems That Will Ensure 20 Percent or More Growth At Your Business in the Next 12 Months’. This complementary report goes more in-depth to why and how to apply all 5 R’s of Marketing Boosts Business Growth 100 percent.


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