The 7 Pillars of a Business Media Marketing Plan for 2017

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The Seven Pillars of a Business Media Marketing Plan for 2017

Business Media Marketing PlanEvery entrepreneur needs to evaluate their business media marketing plan each year of business. How to evolve, grow and build your business momentum to attract more customers. Here are the 7 pillars to get a media plan going – no matter what you sell or service you provide.

A Business Media Marketing Plan is getting your message out in many different formats across different media channels so you can cast a wide net of value to your market. Let’s start …

Pillar One …  Get Super Clear of Your Goals

Brainstorm and get ideas flowing with help from fellow employees on how to improve the business. Get everyone on the same page. 

A)   Why Are You Going Online?
B)   What Are Your Objectives To Build Your Business?
C)   Think Through Ideas. Don’t Analyze, Let It Flow.
D)   Get Super Clear of Company Goals.

Pillar Two … Know Your Target Audience

It’s more than creating an audience avatar or demographic of your target audience like married male, age 28-40, college. It’s to answer these specific questions …

A)  Who Will You Serve?
B)  Where Do They Spend Their Time and What Channels Are They On?

C)  What Are You Going To Sell Them?
D)  How Will You Create Value So People Will Spend Money With You?
E)   What Will Make You Different from Everyone Else in Your Market?

Pillar Three … Must Have A Solid Online Presence

These days every entrepreneur needs to have an online presence but having a ‘solid’ presence online makes a whole lot of difference to the customers you serve. 

A)   A Good Clean Website and Virtual Storefront.
B)   A Social Media Presence with a Business Purpose.
C)   System in Place for Customer Support.
D)    Pick a Few Media Channels to Post and Share Content.
E)    Build Up Followers with a Social Media Audience &/or Email Newsletter List.

Pillar Four …  Have Something Unique To Sell

Tell Folks About Your Products and Services Online and How You Differ from Competition. Know your market, what are the trends and shifts happening in your industry. 

A)   Evaluate Your Own Products and Services. Sell Offline Products Online.
B)   How You Differentiate Your Products and Services from Others. 
C)   Study Your Competitors. What Are They Doing.
D)   What Trends Are Happening Now and Forth-Coming. 

Pillar Five …  Build Your Audience and Following

One of the most valuable assets a business can own is a list of customers and potential customers. Build on your reputation and the value you give to your audience.

A)   Attract the Right People You Can Help.
B)   Consistently Spreading the Word How You Help the Consumer.
C)   Share Value on a Consistent Basis – Share Your Content!
D)   Capture Audience Contact Info for Email and Social Media.

Pillar Six … Evolve, Grow and Build

Find your weak points and close the gaps in your business. Evaluate all the pieces of your business from administration, employees, customer service, customer on-boarding and the complete customer journey in your business. 

A)   Evaluate Your SWOT – Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats.
B)   Accept the Fact that Things Will Change and You Have to Change With It.

B)   Commit to Embrace that Change in Advance – Stay on Top of It with New Technology.
C)   Where Do You Want to Go? Plan for Future Weeks, Months and Years.

Pillar Seven … Schedule and Execute
Take what you have learned and follow through. Prepare for the immediate future and plan.

A)   Create the Plan, Schedule and Execute. Put It to Action.
B)   Track Progress, Measure and Make Adjustments.
C)    Follow Best Practices.
D)    Focus and Stay Clear on Your Objectives.

Business Web Media MarketingA Media Marketing Plan will Help You Get There .. Reach More Customers, Sell More, Better, Faster and Cheaper thru Strategic Planning.

Here is a great resource for various business templates for website marketing, content planning, social media to internet marketing to help you plan and put it all together …
Click Here for Business Media Marketing Templates and this here for Social Media Marketing Templates.

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