What We Do To Build Strong, Long-Lasting and Healthy Businesses

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Please Answer This, What Could a Digital Virtual Assistant Agency Be Worth to You and Your Business? 

Do You Feel there’s something missing in your business?
Maybe things could be better? You need more customers and more sales?
If your feeling a bit overwhelmed … take a breath.

As Your Digital Virtual Assistant Agency working for you, we want to get to know who you are, where you’ve been and most importantly, where you want to go. What has worked for you, what is or is not working.  Our recommendations will be based on all these factors and where you are currently in marketing and growing your business. The digital virtual assistant agency is your advocate in business. 

Tressera Web Media is here to help! Our systems are tried and proven. No longer do you have to starve for new business. We can train your company team member(s) with what it takes to build strong, long-lasting and healthy businesses. Likewise, we’ll fulfill what your lacking from your missing puzzle to get more customers in your door.  Rest-assured, a plan of action will get your business out of it’s rut.

Starting with the Business Foundational Blueprint of building your brand online. Whether you’ve been in business for many years or not.  We’ll evaluate that your foundation is complete.

It Starts with Looking at Your Website Audit and find the improvements that can help you compete and better rank online. As your personal digital virtual assistant agency, we’ll give you the tips that help you capture your audience. We also check your mobile experience so your mobile customers get the best experience when visiting your site.

Finding Where You Stand in the Search Engines and how you stack up against your competition. By finding out how your competition is doing online will tell us what you need to do to beat them. If your competitors are all aggressive you will have quite a bit of work to do. Knowing is half your battle.

Next, It’s Time to Build and/or fix your local directory listings called citations, that tell the search engines you are relevant and the authority in your industry. So that potential customers will find you as well, you will rank better online when your citations are in order. You might find this frustrating work but a digital virtual assistant agency will take the tedious boring project off your hands. 

Then, Let’s Check Your Reviews. These days it’s imperative to have an online referral strategy and to protect your number one asset – your reputation. We’ll go over how we manage reviews, build feedback and market your reputation so you bring more customers in. This step will lower your advertising costs as you reap the benefits of being the only choice for customers to come to you.

After This Business Foundational Footprint, your ready to reach out further to target your audience on social media and other channels. Here you will concentrate which media channels are best for your industry. 

Now, Continue to Build Your Authority with content in the forms of articles, blog content, newsletters, social postings, graphic images and videos. Better to leave this to our digital virtual assistant agency to leverage and re-purpose your content in many of these forms that you already have. Along with new additional content. Your content campaigns should always amuse, enlighten, entertain and engage your social presence on the most important and on multiple platforms for your business.

Depending on Your Market, we create and manage campaigns to attract followers, friends, circles and build a tribe for your local market. It may be to design mobile systems and push market to encourage traffic and sales. It may be taking your most profitable products and services and creating upsells, down-sells and cross-sells. It may be going into paid traffic models on Google, Bing or Facebook. Our digital virtual assistant agency can help you create the most profitable campaigns to grow your business.

Another Important Aspect of Marketing is creating your funnels. You need three traffic funnels for people who are not aware stage, the considering stage and the decision stage where they are most aware of the products and services you provide. Targeting the 3 levels of engagement and then setting retargeting campaigns to move each lead prospect through your funnels. This is how buyers buy – now. 

Let’s Look into Your Customer’s Experience so your maximizing your potential profits from each and every one of your customers. How you are communicating and servicing your customers for overall business growth. With additional growth, there is more management concerns to be prepared for.  Team up with our digital virtual assistant agency to better manage your business growth. 

Consider These Five R’s in your marketing strategy. In 2016, we’ve added a 5th R to our marketing methods -Recognition, Reach, Resell, Referral and added Retargeting. If you follow this marketing plan, it will lead to a strong, long-lasting and healthy business for you. Each marketing system ensures a 20% or more growth but apply all 5 and boost business growth to 100 percent.

Whether You Have One Location or a dozen, we will put systems in place to raise the level of awareness of your brand in multiple social and search arenas. We are a digital virtual assistant agency that can monitor one or several of your locations. Social recognition and participation can make a measurable positive impact on your bottom line. Now with all this knowledge … what could a digital virtual assistant agency be worth to you and your business? 

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If Your Ready, Willing and Able …
To Follow Through on a
Plan of Action and To Finally …

Bring Growth Stability
To Your Business!

Simply Reach Out
and Get Started Today!

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