Lead Generation

Clients, Customers, Leads

It really doesn’t matter what name you use, we’re all in business to serve some portion of the marketplace.

The question becomes how do you attract your customers? And, are you attracting enough customers, or do you want to GROW your business?

The Challenge of Lead Generation

The bloodline of any business is its new customers. New customers fund businesses and provide the growth needed for any sustainable / profitable business.

With that said, most business owners identify prospecting as their biggest challenge. Acquiring customers is a difficult, time consuming and costly proposition for business owners.

We Can Help

Our Company has been in the business of delivering customers and making businesses successful since 1996. We use a technology-based system to create a Customer Referral Network that targets and delivers qualified customers seeking your products or services directly to you without sharing that lead with your competitors.

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on ineffective marketing programs and advertising you can’t track, we provide a system where our clients know exactly what leads we’re delivering and that’s what they pay for. What could be better than potential customers calling you instead of the other way around?

We started our Customer Referral Network because we know what works. We leverage technology in order to get our clients new customers with a need at the best possible ROI when compared with other marketing approaches.


We deliver results by way of phone calls from people looking for you and all you have to do is close them. We only offer exclusive leads to our clients. We do NOT share them or sell them to our other clients like other services.

What can you expect?

Only the best results. Our job is to keep you busy. We know there’s going to be phone calls from people “kicking tires”, wanting to ask a quick question, or even looking for something you do not do. Because of that, we only expect to be paid for qualified leads. We will close out all calls you have that are less than 30 seconds at no charge. Even 29 seconds! We’ll make sure to maximizing your ROI!

Don’t worry; all you will have to do is answer your phone! We will automatically send you the referrals and we are 100% transparent!! Each month, we’ll deliver a detailed tracking report that includes every phone call generated to your number.

When a customer calls you using our system they hear a ring while you will hear a whisper saying, “You have an incoming referral from us”.  You can then answer it as you normally would.  This way you know which calls we sent to you!

If you are ready to sign up with ys, call (000) 000-0000 or email us at info@domain.com and we will provide you a sign-up form to complete and return. Once received, we will get started working for your success.