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How Mobile Websites and Landing Pages Will Definitely Increase Lead Generation ...

The use smartphones and mobile devices continues to increase. According to comScore’s noted that almost 79% of the US mobile population carry smartphones and that means nearly 198 million people.

It’s more than obvious that people are accessing the Internet using smartphones and tablet pc’s. Today, we live in the age of “instant” where we all want content and information in a push of a button. So as a business owner, what do you need to do? Start creating a mobile website that looks presentable on any mobile device.

In fact, Google explicitly mentions in April 2015 they will de-rank and boot you out of mobile search if your site is not mobile-friendly. So if more than 3/4 of the U.S. population are on mobile devices … it only makes more sense to cater to your mobile audience on smartphones.


Create Leads with Mobile Customer Engagement Systems 

Go where your customers are – they are on mobile and give them a great mobile experience. Tressera Web Media do mobile customer engagement systems as a separate division of the company. To learn more, we have a whole website dedicated to using mobile as a lead generation and giving your customers the ultimate mobile experiences.

It first starts by having a mobile landing site. You will hear from other experts that responsive websites is the ideal way to go. In many cases, that could be true. Personally, we do not favor responsive sites and prefer dedicated mobile websites. A code is added to your website that detects if the user is on a smartphone or tablet and will show the mobile website experience.

Why do we prefer mobile websites? When on a smartphone, local mobile users just want basic information – easy tap to call, where are you located, what are your hours, what does your business offer and if there are any special deals. And they want it fast and simple to navigate or they will bounce off and go look for your competitor. Responsive websites don’t do this and often have info placement distortion and too much information before they find what they need. 

Giving the mobile experience with a mobile website, allows you to incorporate various mobile campaigns much easier, cleaner and faster. Now, your thinking but I have a mobile app for my mobile users. That is good when your customers are using it. First, you have to get them to download the app and oftentimes they abandon it if your not proactively reminding them to use it.  


To Learn More About Our 6 Mobile Customer Engagement Systems …

Social Mobile WiFi, Mobile Loyalty Passes, the NFC Lead Generation Tool, SMS Text Marketing, Beacon Proximity Marketing and Mobile Punch Cards that can be integrated with your overall marketing strategies. 

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Mobile Customer Engagement Systems
Attract Mobile Customers


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    You Must Add Mobile Integration to Increase Lead Generation
    Target and Engage Your Mobile Customers and It Will Bring Volumes. 

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