Pay Per Click Management STOP the Bleeding!

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Our Pay Per Click Management is focused on the leverage of Facebook paid advertising and the Google and Bing search networks. Strategically placing your differing search phrases for maximal probability and profitability. We work with a diverse group of businesses, and consistently boost their conversions and sales leads. We can create your custom landing pages, do keyword research, actively split test and manage all aspects of your PPC advertising.

PPC is not playing with numbers, it’s actually a science. If your not strategically applying rules to your PPC campaigns, your throwing away good money. You still have to be fully aware of which keywords perform the best and do diligent competitive analysis. Constantly monitor to maintain your campaign and get the utmost return on your investment.

The biggest difference between SEO and PPC is that pay per click will generally get faster results for your business. SEO and social processes are cumulative efforts that truly grow in time. It may take months to improve your site’s rankings in search engines. Meanwhile, Paid Ads or PPC marketing could bring results in days, and figuring your current ROI is a much easier proposition.

Facebook Ads, Google AdWords and Bing Ads are of tantamount importance to your business. With the PPC expertise available from TWM certified specialists, we can help take your sales to the next level. With customized strategy and tailored reporting we provide the support and guidance you need.

We guarantee we can save you a minimum 10% in doing a PPC audit. In which a mere 10% could be thousands in savings. Money that’s bleeding your pockets right now. Most of our clients have seen 20 to 25% with our tweeks. We apply PPC best practices with your money campaigns.

TWM, a Professional Digital Agency will Stop the Bleeding and always uses ‘Best Practices’ to safeguard over-expenditures and wasteful spending on Pay Per Click advertising while putting more money back into your business. Our Company is your competitive edge!

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Save Your Money, Ask for a PPC Audit and Stop the Bleeding in PPC Paid Search TODAY!

CALL NOW for a Pay Per Click Management Audit!  505.407.1241

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