The Local Marketers Association Sets Code of Ethics for Professional Marketers

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Professional Marketers Sets Precedence on a Code of Ethic Standards with Proven Fundamental Practices within the Marketing Industry

Professional Marketers who join TLMA swear on a code of ethics to serve the local business communities. Only after compliance in the marketers educational certification program, the professional marketer can bear the seal as a TLMA member. The Local Marketers Association (TLMA) is a non-profit advocacy group created to provide small business owners with proven marketing strategies. Tressera Web Media (TWM) is a proud charter member of this extraordinary group of professionals. 

What is The Local Marketers Association About?

The Local Marketers Association (TLMA) was established in response to the increase in untrained “marketing consultants” hawking questionable marketing tactics and tricks that often resulted in damage to local businesses.

The Local Marketers Association See A Reason To Organize – WHY TLMA?

The lack of oversight or standards in the industry created just the right environment for a modern day Gold-Rush to target small business owners. Business owners complained that they were being approached by four or five different marketers every week, each selling a different one-off service, usually at an exorbitant price.

In an effort to stop the fleecing of local business owners, TLMA established Standards and Best Practices based on tested and proven fundamentals. A Code of Ethics was created that every member agrees to uphold both in-letter and in-spirit. The highest tenet of The Code is that each TLMA member will treat a client’s business with all the care and consideration that he or she would with his / her own. The “fleecing” stops here.

Local Marketing Damage and Repercussion To Local Business Owners

People who had absolutely no education or roots in marketing, and specifically in the intricacies of local marketing, were being seduced by the “make money while you sleep” internet marketing guru crowd. The TLMA founders realized that much of the damage being done wasn’t caused as much from greed as it was from ignorance. The ignorance of these bad apples in the marketing industry has caused some business owners costly grief and aggravation

Online marketing practices are ever-evolving. New standards and concepts are being developed as we speak. Every business needs to adapt to the changing landscape of marketing online to get more customers and also grow customer loyalty to be sustainable. A professional marketer will have the proven fundamentals and a constant eye of the latest marketing online updates. 

Local Marketing Education and Certification

Without the knowledge of how to use these products and services in the scope of a larger marketing strategy, these tactics were a waste of time and money.  So TLMA members set to writing a curriculum for an entire profession with local marketing education. Newcomers to the industry can now receive a solid background. Established marketing professionals have access to continuing education to keep them at the top of their game.

Business Owners who work with professional marketers who have certification and education in marketing are far more successful from the onset of building their business. The very precedence for the association’s accomplishment to establish the ‘best practices’ and ‘code of ethics’ for which professional marketer’s need to conduct for the local business community.

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Professional Local Marketing Plan Is a Guide To Success

TLMA professional marketers steer a local business owner into a plan of action. It’s first done with a discovery meeting and questionaire. Each individual business has their own set of challenges in their business. A marketing plan is a guide to success. An overview audit of the business owner’s website and past advertising starts the process of new-found direction the business needs. They will understand how to compete and be successful online that will draw more customers to their physical business. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Through the help of a TLMA professional marketer, a business will no longer feel overwhelmed to market themselves in the digital world. 

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Book Yourself With A Professional Marketers Consultation

Whether you are a startup business or established business owner in need of marketing assistance and consultation. If you can’t seem to buckle down on your sales and marketing. If you’re feelin’ a bit overwhelm? If you notice that your time is best spent to speak with a professional so you aren’t chasing the elephants. Then it’s time to CALL A PRO!

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