Reputation Control for Survival

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Widespread customer reviews are posted online now-a-days. A lot of business owners are feeling helpless that these reviews are out of their control. The worst part of this is when the review is fabricated or exaggerated and you know it will hurt your business. After all, all of your employees are representing your business and all it takes is one dumb mistake. Sadly, many companies haven’t set up protocols before an event of negative reviews appear online. It’s important for your business to have reputation control to survive. 

A company’s reputation is their most cherished asset and must be protected. So Tressera Web Media has designed a solution. You can choose how much of our protected solution you want. If it’s just monitoring, we will send you immediate alerts of your customer posting online on any major directory. From there you will be solely responsible to respond. 

Building Reputation Control Proactively

TWM believes in being proactive in protecting your reputation by actively reaching out for your customers feedback. Keeping the bad reviews in-house before they go online. We set up feedback and survey pages and aggressively solicit for your customer reviews. Create a Sign-in form if your a business that works out in the field or at a hotel check-in. Request your guests review with a mobile tablet app. Email and text autoresponder campaigns. 

There’s more to the method of building reputation control … 

Build your reputation by sending customers who respond with 4 and 5 star great reviews to make it super easy to post it online.  Any 3 star and below ratings will be alerted to you, the business owner or a manager to iron out the miscommunication. Apologetically, a message is given to your disgruntled customer to let them know they are being heard.

Reputation Marketing Control

This is how TWM differentiates from other rep companies. We’ll also take your great reviews and market them online in the form of review images and professional testimonial videos too! These are syndicated to photo sharing sites, social media, video channels and directories. So that your potential customers will see you are the best choice anywhere on the net. We’ll live stream reviews on your website.

And there’s more … We help you build the right reputation culture within your business and build a custom Staff Employee Training Center. Your employees are your best representatives, we’ll quiz them and let you know the results on who needs more help. 

A Custom Media Center that designs your placards to ask for reviews. A Customer CRM to collect your customer information and a Promotional Center to send out promotional campaigns to your best customers. 

And that, my friend, is the best referral marketing you could ever do. You allow your customers to market for you, that in-return, will lower all other advertising costs! 

You are now in total reputation control to immediately respond and show your customers you really do care about them. That their opinions of your company matters to you. When customers see you reaching out to keep them as your customer, you have Customer Service at it’s best! 


To grow a strong, healthy and long-lasting business – You need to ‘STAND OUT’ from your Competition and be the Market Leader! A solid reputation is your business foundational blueprint that perpetually grows your business. Consider it a part of your capital investment when perhaps you want to sell your business. Companies with raving reputations are valued for more money! 


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