Social Media Marketing Is Serious Business

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Build Your Community and 
Grow Customer Relationships 
with Social Media Marketing

Is It Right For Your Business?
It can be and more …

“We don’t have a choice on whether
we DO social media, the questions is,

‘How Well We DO It’  (erik qualman)

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Social Media Marketing is not child’s play for most businesses. Get past the idea that social media is just for cutesy content (think kittens romping and dogs on trampolines). Social Marketing ought to be an integral part of your existing strategy.


You’ll start to see results within the first 30 to 60 days. But you have to keep in mind, Social Media is a cumulative process that grows over a period of time. Your Social Media presence will grow and evolve and adapt in order to stay lively and engaging on all fronts.

Social Media Marketing is Social Brand Awareness. Post content that is shareable, newsworthy and relevant. Entertain, amuse and engage in the form of news, events, videos, infographics, polls, contests, and lots of graphics/images. The key to social media mastery is consistency. Followers will know you as reliable and dependable and foremost, trust your brand.

Engage before you sell. Developing the relationship becomes the context for the sale, so doing business is the natural next step. Pay attention to what your users are saying and participate in conversations. Do at least 3 to 4 social channels to maximize your exposure. Establishing these social assets help give the search engines more knowledge that you are the relevant authority.  

When you don’t have this time yourself to socialize into the hearts of your customer, it’s time to designate a social media manager to implement specific objectives through the social platforms.


Why hire a social media manager? A social media specialist will represent you in all social interactions … so you, the business owner can relax and really connect with your guests.

The Social Manager will take care of all the technological details. Clean up and update your profiles and remove any spam. Manage reputation and direct customer service issues. Do a competitive research. Develop an editorial content calendar to move you towards your company’s goals and objectives. Distribute the content and build your audience. Your customers get the ultimate experience and feel the love from your company. In return, you’ve built a tribe of loyal guests who’ll reciprocate and share the love back. 

Tressera Web Media will be your Advisoral Social Manager. We’ll either train your staff members how to use the right tools to manage social effectively or you’ll have the opportunity to employ one of our social media managers and get it rolling right away. 


From this point, scaling and taking advantage of paid advertising on web 2.0 and social platforms makes sense. Paid Social Funnels is where the money-making happens at a quicker scale. You already have your bases covered, now ramp it up for the additional expotential growth. 

Creating strategic social campaigns and launches to introduce your products and services for a higher level of engagement. When done correctly, with retargeting will reap bountiful measures for your consistent effort. 

TWM is equipped with the best practices for conversions. Our certified ad management team works pay per click campaigns to get the best and lowest click thru rates for paid advertising in social arenas for your niche industry. 

Social Media Marketing is not for sissy’s. It takes a commitment to give your best foot forward. It’s serious social business but a strategy well worth-while. It’s certainly not child’s play.  



Social Media is Process  and you must continually and consistently feed the process with dynamic, engaging content. It’s best to Designate a Social Media Manager to help feed your funnel. 

Scaling Social Media will expand your horizons, reach more people and build better relationships with your customers! 

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