Capture Short Attention Spans with
15 Second Video Ad Commercials

Eureka! 15 Second Video Ad Commercials Capture Consumer's Short Attention Spans and Squashes Viewer Boredom



New Inspirational Coercive Video Ad Commercials!  We have come full circle into the new video-age. Where people love to consume videos to get their information. They love to be entertained by videos. But you have about 8 seconds to capture a consumer’s short attention span. That’s the average before people tune you out or listen further into your message. 

Tressera Web Media offers SMBs these type of cinema-quality branding & video ad commercials. Video Commercials get a consumer’s attention to your product and services, all in about 15 seconds to 30 seconds long. These artful video ad commercials are designed to intrigue the senses. Customers will never be bored of your video messages! 

We think the videos speak for themselves. Check it out with these video ad samples and see the high-quality videos we can create for you!



Video Ad Commercial Statistics on Social Media

Resource Infographic: 2017 is the Year of Video Marketing


Video Branding and Video Ad Commercials Offers Fresh, Amusing Content That Prevents Web Marketing Blindness 

To prevent web marketing blindness, it is advisable to strategize a series of videos. Mix it up interchangeably with a branding video ad and a video ad offer. Changing your set of videos every week or two, is up to you. Remember that content consistency is key to stay fresh, top-of-mind and arouse brand loyalty.

Each of your video commercials are set with music and designed to evoke emotions. Video endings are labeled with your company branding and a call to action. The text copy helps to absorb a short, simple, clear and concise message. The short text adds to the viewers experience and creates a deeper connection to your audience. Short and to the point, we’ll create a video commercial to elicit consumer action.

Create simply amazing beautiful videos that prompts instant curiosity, intrigue and desire. At an affordable and unheard price of only $150. for each video. Yes, that’s right.  It’s easy to get started today – Just click on the ‘Buy Now’ below to send us your safe and instant paypal payment.  We’ll get your first video out within one week. Click the Instant Buy Now!


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